Roundup – Week Of Mar 3

The weekly collection of interesting reads from around the blogosphere.
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Let’s start with politics this week.

Godwhacker wrote a great piece about Matt Sanchez.

Another Wyoming politician shows his support of tolerance at Pam’s House Blend.

Kevin at actorschmactor wondered why “Scooter” was even on trial.

Heather’s got your back if you’re a woman, but not if you’re Ann Coulter.

Some celebrations happened this week:

Hayes hit post #200 at qPlog. He also found a couple of videos. You HAVE to watch the second one.

It was Hot Doctor Toddler’s birthday and Hot Doctor Wife shared some love and a picture that most would never post anyway, but I personally think it captured her at her most beautiful.

Bad Astronomy Blog had two pieces I enjoyed: 1) This one about Star Trek XI being official; however, the funny is the video attached and 2) New Mexico passed a piece of legislation declaring that Pluto IS a planet, dammit, and March 13th is Pluto Planet Day in the state. Funny, you’d think they would declare the date to be the furthest away from the center of date it passed. Thank you!

Spencer reflects my sentiments about a new game show.

Hubs found this great story book.

This strange but wondrous fish got a nice writeup on Ugly Overload.

And finally, some great news for Venture Bros. fans! The creators have begun to put Season 3 into motion (unfortunately, we won’t see it until this time next year) and Cartoon Network has greenlit Season 4 as well. Squeal!

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6 thoughts on “Roundup – Week Of Mar 3

  1. Woo hoo! I got mentioned. I feel so … so … not “important” … what’s the word I’m looking for … ummm … oh yeah … drunk.

    (But that’s cuz I’ve been drinking.)

    And the Venture Bros news got me so excited I had to change my pants.

  2. Godwhacker:
    Thank YOU for writing such a great piece.

    Did you just drunk comment?

    You’re welcome. Not sure about the flavor. I’ll have to ask the Gordon fisherman.

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