These are a collection of funny things readers have said about the blog. I would like to think that they are reflective of the nature of the blog, but honestly, I wouldn’t buy anything from me based on them.

Whenever I read your blog, I get this funny feeling and I need to go touch myself.
-Scott, Scott-O-Rama

It all started out a couple of weeks ago after the fashion of, Die Hard; Howard said, “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.” – and I’ve been held hostage here ever since! Help!?
-Daveman, Davemania

Until I discovered The Web Pen Blog, I hadn’t laughed quite so much since that time the guy in the park flashed his incredibly small penis at me and my friend back in high school. This is not to say Howard is a flasher, or has a small penis, but he certainly makes me laugh as least as much as that old pervert did back in the day. But if Howard ever did decide to become a flasher, small penis or otherwise, I am sure it would be very funny. Because he is.
-Andy, The Spicy Cauldron

I’m a fan.
-Dan, SinisterDan

Bossy loves her some Howard.
-Bossy – i am bossy

Would you like to be featured here? Write something funny about The Web Pen Blog. I, of course, will be the humor Judge Judy and determine if it meets my stringent qualifications.

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