favorite albums of 2004

20.Gwen Stefani – Love.Angel.Music.Baby. (Interscope)

Favorite songs: What You Wanting For?; Cool; Danger Zone

Favorite lyric: “So far from where we’ve been/I know we’re cool” from Cool

19.Blondie – The Curse Of Blondie (Sanctuary)

Favorite songs: Good Boys; Undone; The Tingler

Favorite lyric: Eyes wide in the middle of the night/Got more money than a body got right/Riding on the L ’til the sun comes up again/You got me on your face/A big disgrace/Shakin’ your feathers all over the place/You woke face down on St. Marks Avenue/What a pity for you” from Good Boys

The Curse of Blondie

18.Kylie Minogue – Body Language (Capitol)

Favorite songs: Red Blooded Woman; Obsession; Cruise Control

Favorite lyric: “So drawn to your own reflection/You want someone/Like a personal possession/To shine a light on your perfection” from Obsession

Body Language

17.The Cardigans – Long Gone Before Daylight (Koch)

Favorite songs: Communication; You’re The Storm; Please Sister

Favorite lyric: “If this is communication/I disconnect” from Communication

Long Gone Before Daylight

16.Felix Da Housecat – Devin Dazzle & The Neon Fever (EmperorNorton)

Favorite songs: Ready 2 Wear; Hunting Season; Neon Human

Favorite lyric: “Too many boys/Too little time/So easy to catch/Should be a crime/I use them up/And throw them away/I can’t resist/What can I say” from Hunting Season

Devin Dazzle & The Neon Fever

15.Echobelly – Gravity Pulls (Takeout)

Favorite songs: To Get Me Thru The Good Times; You Started A Fire In The Heart Of A Wasted Life; One In A Million

Favorite lyric: “Round up all the weirdos/All loners, freaks/And anti-heroes:/The one in a million” from One In A Million

14.Duran Duran – Astronaut (Epic)

Favorite songs: (Reach Up For The) Sunrise; Nice; Taste The Summer

Favorite lyric: “Now if I have a weakness/It’s for sweetness/And it’s floating on your breath” from Taste The Summer


13.Sam Phillips – A Shoe And A Boot (Nonesuch)

Favorite songs: All Night; Reflecting Light; I Wanted To Be Alone

Favorite lyric: “And the moon’s never seen me before/But I’m reflecting light” from Reflecting Light

A Boot and a Shoe

12.Loretta Lynn – Van Lear Rose (Interscope)

Favorite songs: Family Tree; High On A Mountain Top; Miss Being Mrs.

Favorite lyric: “No, I didn’t come to fight/If he was a better man I might/But I wouldn’t dirty my hands/On trash like you/Bring out the babies’ daddy/That who they’ve come to see/Not the woman that’s burning down/Our family tree” from Family Tree

Van Lear Rose

11.The Magnetic Fields – I (Nonesuch)

Favorite songs: I Don’t Really Love You Anymore; I Looked All Over Town; If There’s Such A Thing As Love

Favorite lyric: “Just the bad comedian/You’re new boyfriend’s better than” from I Don’t Really Love You Anymore


10.The Beautiful South – Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs (Sony Music UK) [IMPORT]

Favorite songs: This Will Be Our Year; Don’t Fear The Reaper; This Old Skin

Favorite lyric: “He was sittin’ in the very same spot/That Otis sat to watch the dock of the bay/in the very same spot/that the ships rolled in/now there’s nothing but the mud and the clay” from This Old Skin

09.Rufus Wainwright – Want Two (Geffen)

Favorite songs: Little Sister; The Art Teacher; Gay Messiah

Favorite lyric: “He will be reborn/From 1970s porn” from Gay Messiah

Want Two

08.Jem – Finally Woken (ATO)

Favorite songs: They; Wish I; Flying High

Favorite lyric: “…you feel so nice/Wish I could spend the night/But I can’t pay the price” from Flying High

Finally Woken

07.Candy Butchers – Hang On Mike (RPM)

Favorite songs: Nice To Know You; Let’s Have A Baby; Sparkle!

Favorite lyric: “Sadie, Chloe, Sammy or Maximillian/Chillin’ in a baby sack” from Let’s Have A Baby

Hang On Mike

06.Kelis – Tasty (Star Trak)

Sure, “Milkshake” is a great single, but look beyond that and you’ll find the best old school R&B albums in years.

Favorite songs: Trick Me; Keep It Down; In Public

Favorite lyric: “He said ‘I love you’/In more ways than I’ve ever heard/And before I got his name/I thought that it might be okay/For use of service/To take some pain away” from Keep It Down


05.Green Day – American Idiot (Reprise)

It’s simply amazing that a band can come up with an album of depth and sincerity this late in their career and have it be a huge hit. And it’s reintroduced the concept album back into music. I still think “Give Me Novacaine” is the best song they’ve ever written.

Favorite songs: American Idiot; Jesus Of Suburbia; Give Me Novacaine; Whatsername

Favorite lyric: “Maybe I am the faggot America/I’m not part of a redneck agenda/Now everybody/Do the Propaganda!” from American Idiot

American Idiot

04.Eddi Reader – Sings The Songs Of Robert Burns

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Everyone must own a copy of this as it’s not only historical in nature, it’s fantastic down-time music. And Eddi has one of the most sweeping voices of our generation: heartbreaking, lilting & haunted.

Favorite songs: Jamie Come Try Me; Willie Stewart/Molly Rankin; Wild Mountainside; Winter It Is Past

Favorite lyric: “I know the armour’s heavy now/I know the heart is tired/It’s beautiful just over/The wild mountainside” from Wild Mountainside

03.Tegan And Sara – So Jealous (Vapor/Sanctuary)

This was a wonderful surprise. I’d read about it during the year and finally picked it to my listening enjoyment. Stripped down Canadian folk pop. And it’s catchy as hell, too.

Favorite songs: I Bet It Stung; Where Does The Good Go; Walking With The Ghost; Fix You Up

Favorite lyric: “Well, there’s not a lot for you to give/If you’re giving in” from Fix You Up

So Jealous

02.Nellie McKay – Get Away From Me (Columbia)

And the top 2 spots are debut albums. What a great year for newbies and this is the most eclectic of the bunch. This little up-start not only got a big record deal with an album that throws in every genre into the mix, but Columbia let her release a double CD for an album that fits on one. Who does she think she is? Who cares? The music speaks volumes and the lyrics bite painfully.

Favorite songs: Ding Dong; Waiter; Inner Peace; Clonie

Favorite lyric: “We’ll be huggable/Get a publicist and show them/Be the most lovable/Thing since fucking Eminem” from Clonie

Get Away from Me

01.Scissor Sisters – Scissor Sisters (Universal)

And then there was the debut of the year. Take equal parts Elton John, Roxy Music, Bee Gees & Pink Floyd; sprinkle with a dash of modern gay showmanship and you’ll have the Scissor Sisters, a band named after a lesbian sex position. Think it’s over the top? You bet, but what saves the album is the incredible song writing. There are more hooks combined here then all the albums of the new decade put together. Now if they don’t destroy themselves with drugs and excessive partying, we should have years & years of the best party band of the new millennium.

Favorite songs: Take Your Mama; Lovers In The Backseat; Filthy/Gorgeous; Music Is The Victim; Return To Oz

Favorite lyric: “When you’re running from a trick/And you trip on a hit of acid/You gotta work for the man/But your biggest moneymaker’s flaccid” from Flithy/Gorgeous

Scissor Sisters

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