favorite songs of 2014

10. “Word Crimes” – “Weird Al” Yankovic

Hilarious take on the shorthand our new world technology has brought. This song put “Weird Al” in the same category as Prince and Madonna. He’s the third artist to have a Top 40 hit in the past four decades. He also made a crappy song worth putting in your ears.

9. “Loop De Li” – Bryan Ferry

Classic Ferry. Get this if you’re a fan of “Slave to Love,” “Kiss and Tell,” and “Don’t Stop the Dance” since it’s right up there with those great tracks. Only get the album if you’re a fan of Ferry himself.

8. “Carl Poppa (feat. Carl G.)” – Bad Lip Reading

Walking Dead is huge so I’m surprised more haven’t heard this. Yeah, some of the lyrics don’t make sense unless you’re aware of the context, but turns out it’s a great song regardless. Catchy and hilarious. Still swear that’s mc chris performing.

7. “From the Night” – Stars

Beautiful, honest and booty bumpin’. Stars have taken their morose lyrics and put them in an underground dance club. It works. This song feels like a lonely night of dancing your blues away which is literally the song’s subject.

6. “Old 45’s” – Chromeo

Of all the silly songs on Chromeo’s latest, this one nails nostalgia in what I feel is the catchiest chorus of the year. Melancholy, but hopeful.

5. “Hard Out Here” – Lily Allen

I feel in love with this song the first listen. Such great satire regardless of what the distractors say about her dancers in the video.

4. “Do It Again” – Röyksopp & Robyn

The perfect dance-pop single. It includes everything you’d expect from these two artists: hard beats, sexual tension, electronics that fit within the song and a sing-along melody. It’s sad that Röyksopp are breaking up.

3. “Girls Chase Boys” – Ingrid Michaelson

A close second to catchiest chorus. Such a lovely song that manages to be fit 80’s pop into the current decade and the wonderful Robert Palmer homage video is just icing.

2. “Runaway” – sElf

Oh, how I’ve missed Matt Mahaffey. His music always makes me happy and this fun track is no exception. Full of goofy electronic loops and another killer chorus, this should have been noticed. Check out his 2011 single “Could You Love Me Now” for more sugar pop.

1. “Dancehall Domine” – The New Pornographers

“Some would have to brave the line/But they’re letting you right in” No idea why I love this line so much, but it’s a good example of the weirdness of the new New Pornographers songs. This one of the most rock ones the band has every done. Mix that with more obtuse albeit creative lyrics and you have a song that burrows its way into your brain and refuses to leave.

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