Halloween Atmosphere Mix

I’m so excited that Halloween is on Tuesday night this year. It means I don’t have to work the part-time job and so I get to hand out candy! There are at least a couple of costumes where the parents obviously have a sense of humor and the outfit cracks my stuff up when I open the door. Of course, the kid gives me this piteous look because they think I’m laughing at them, but then they are showered with praise on how original and wonderful their costume is. The big, bright, and usually, shy smile always makes me feel as sweet as the candy I’m handing out to them and reminds me of the good time I had Trick-Or-Treating every year.

When I was deemed too old to go out on Halloween, I put all my energy into doing exactly what I do to this day. The South Carolinian house in which I spent most of my life became a type of stage. I had speakers running out to the front porch with all types of Halloween sound effects which I had on vinyl (here is a link to the Wikipedia page on gramophone records for you younguns who don’t know what it is) and then taped to cassette days before because when you used to record to another medium it only ripped/imported at 1x the normal speed.

I would also record all the Halloween specials on television. Our front room had a huge window and I had a small television and a VCR, so I would place the entire setup on a small table to play the holiday specials of Peanuts, Garfield, Smurfs and other assorted cartoons over and over again through the night with the closed captioning on so people could watch a bit of it and not have it interfere with the spooky sounds emanating from my stereo system. Even the TV table would be decorated with Halloween crap we had around the house to make it more festive. My parents gave me a couple of weird looks when I first did it but allowed it and then it became somewhat of a short-lived tradition.

Now I’m all adult and crap, but the house I currently live in can be fun since one of the housemates decorates a bit. Currently there are lighted skeletons and jack-o-lanterns hung around the awning and the front patio. On Halloween night, I add to it by installing my ‘boombox‘ up in the ceiling of the patio and putting some Halloween mix on repeat to add to the atmosphere — never turning it up too loudly so not to scare the poor wee-uns. This year I decided to use the software I have and make a real non-stop Halloween mix of sound effects and music from scary and/or Halloween movies, shows, video games and music collections. I even included a couple of things that I had produced for other projects, so this year’s atmosphere should be the best evah!


Listening to: Not Your Year – The Weepies

10 thoughts on “Halloween Atmosphere Mix

  1. I will steal this, thanks. It’s going to be our first Halloween where we live near kids, so I plan on scaring the shite out of as many of them as possible.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Angelo and I will be playing this through our outdoor Bose 151SE speakers to frighten the real rabbits and antelope…. and of course, I’ll scare myself silly, no doubt.

  3. Wow Howard! This is great. I’m doing some mixes of my own… more spooky Enigma and Sara Brightman trances sort of stuff. I’ll try to post them on my blog… which would be a much easier thing to do if I wasn’t a slave to blogger.

    What fabulous cheese!!!

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