Roundup – Week of Sep 30

The weekly collection of interesting reads from around the blogosphere.

Let’s start this roundup with something fun because, frankly, I’m tired of all the violence and scandal right now. Hubs over at Artifacting found these great "product placements".

And now for a geeky Star Trek story: scientists have teleported something bigger than an atom and more than a few millimeters. They say at this point only information can be teleported, but it’s still cool. Soon my mom can teleport that damn cookie recipe I’m always losing.

Read about the cool and classic care package Hot Doctor Wife got over at Green Apple Martini. Make sure you check out the jacket!

This is great! Heard of the Ig Nobel prize? I hadn’t either, but they are outstanding! They give awards to real scientific research based on silly and often hiliarious ideas. This year’s winners include why woodpeckers don’t get headaches, why dry spaghetti breaks into more than two pieces when bent, why fingernails on a chalkboard are so annoying and, my personal favorite, "Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity: Problems with Using Long Words Needlessly."

Rosie had a plain and simple post about picking and doing just one thing to help the world around you.

Okay, I can’t stay away from the political rants because Heather is so good about writing them. Read about the 1984 tactics that Dick Cheney’s people pulled on someone speaking their opinion to his pellet-free face.

I’m going to use a word that is considered for some reason to be obscene. Who decided that certain words are wrong? They are just words. Anyway, what the FUCK is Fox News doing? The news organization whose propaganda says they are ‘fair and balanced’ — which obviously doesn’t mean truth or fact-checking — kept showing Former Rep. Mark Foley as a Democrat according to Brad Blog. The blog also reported that when the O’Reilly Factor repeated instead of correcting the ‘mistake’ they just ran the footage without the titles. Spencer over at A Rubber Door then decided to hilariously parody the situation.

And finally, you may want to go grab a bunch of tissues. My good friend Leland (aka The Hermit) lost his faithful canine companion on Monday. I only met Suki a couple of times, but, damn, if she didn’t make an impression. She even "helped" during my last moving party. I’m a big dog person so this really got to me and I was upset I didn’t notice the post until Tuesday. I emailed Leland immediately to see how he was. During our day-long correspondence, he wrote me and said another dog had shown up and was just hanging around his fortress-to-be of solitude. Leland posted about Angelo, who is still hanging around, Wednesday night. Think what you want about this "coincidence", but I would like to think that someone (*cough*cough*Suki*) sent Angelo to — at the very least — visit Leland so he didn’t have to be alone while his heart was healing.

7 thoughts on “Roundup – Week of Sep 30

  1. Aw!! I made the Round-up!!

    My grandma called tonight, by the way, to see what I thought of the jacket.

    “You know, it’s REVERSIBLE!!”

    I told her I loved it. She said, “I just KNEW it was you, HDW. JUST KNEW IT!!”

  2. leslie

    Leland’s dog story made me cry :( Losing a pet is so hard, I still miss “puffin” even though she’s been dead for 3 years now. I strongly encourage everyone to volunteer or donate to the local animal shelters, they desperately need it. And adopt animals from shelters too! Most of them are amazing animals that are already housebroken or otherwise trained. Not everyone needs a purebread puppy.
    And ride the bus too. It’s cheap, saves on gas, good for the environment, and makes for GREAT stories.

  3. Thanks Leslie…. And I’m happy to report that Angelo seems devoted to me…. it was funny as heck bringing him back to Denver this weekend… he’d obviously spent almost no time in a car…. and his head was whipping around with every car that we met or that passed us. It was like being at a Miss America contest with a mid-life-crisis-aged man… He also had no idea how to deal with stairs when we got to my house in Denver…. Did I mention that he didn’t recognize what a leash is? but after one walk around the park, he understood several commands. He also charmed the heck out of the folks at the vets’ office, where he got his shots, and confirmation that he is well-endowed and intact. Sigh. I remember when people used to say that about me…. I mean, I still AM intact…..

    And amen for the bus! I lived in Denver for about 13 years without owning a car…. and that was way before light rail made it easy!

  4. You mean you don’t think Suki was a virgin? I’m shocked! and so will her frustrated boyfriend Rocco be…. on the other hand…. she was pretty open minded…. so maybe Rocco and Suki and Angelo all got it on….. oh my….

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